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This Toasty Stogie is made with Runtz.


Each Toasty Stogie is carefully fabricated by hand to the exacting standards of @afriendwithweed585 who has perfected his technique of rolling over the past 25+ years.


Toasty Stogies are crafted to optimize the smoking experience. Due to the unique properties of cannabis the weight of flower differs slightly for each variety but is in the 2.5 - 3 gram range. A .5 gram cylinder of shatter is encased in the middle of the Stogie to kick your sesh up to the next level.



Lighting and Smoking Your Toasty Stogie


Light your Toasty Stogie using a technique similar to a cigar or any other giant joint. Try and get the cherry fully formed as soon as possible to ensure even burning.


The Toasty Stogie should be smoked with the cherry slightly inclined, this encourages the shatter to melt away from the cherry and soak the Stogie evenly. Slowly rotating your Stogie will also promote even distribution of your shatter. This will provide you with the ultimate Toasty Stogie experience - even burning and lots of smoking.

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