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$100! for 10 Papa Smoke Edibles!
Write in notes what you would prefer. 


Peach Rings

Rainbow Belts

Berry Crawlers

Gummy Worms

Gummy Bears

Jolly Ranchers
Live Saver Sours
Sour Crawlers

Sour Skittles
Stoney Patch Watermelon
Stoney Patch Kids
Fruit Slices

250mg THC

Not sprayed!!

D9, Rosin, & Full Spec RSO INFUSED


1pcs - Beginner

2-3pcs - Intermediate

5+ - Pro

x10 Papa Smoke Edibles


    3 Ways To Order

    Hey there, fellow herb enthusiast! 

    Are you on the hunt for a reliable, friendly source for your cannabis needs? Look no further than Scoobies Doobies! We're a top-notch online dispensary that offers a variety of premium products to help elevate your experience.

    Scoobies Doobies Team

    (716) 336-1098





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    Text us at 716-336-1098 and we'll take care of the rest.

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