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It was a pleasure to be able to combine two strains to create the wonderful Sweet Retreat after trying and enjoying Fiya Farmers Zangria and hearing excellent things about Illmatic (both of which are nice and distinctive drops in their own right). When I opened it, a smoothie's powerful aroma hit me right away. Behind a strong, creamy peach scent that had a subtle, gassy gelato undertone (honoring one of its dominant parents, Georgia Pie), I could detect strawberry and mild apple notes. The buds were really gorgeous, with the ideal density and structure. They were sitting above an expanse of trichomes and were a bright green color with intermittent purple overtones and rustic orange strands. After experiencing and appreciating Fiya Farmers Zangria and hearing great things about Illmatic (both of which are nice and unusual drops in their own right), it was a pleasure to be able to mix two strains to produce the wonderful Sweet Retreat. I opened it and was immediately assaulted by the pungent aroma of a smoothie. I could smell strawberry and soft apple notes hiding below a powerful, creamy peach perfume with a faint, gassy gelato undertone (honoring one of its dominating parents, Georgia Pie). The buds had the correct density and structure, and they were absolutely lovely. They were bright green in hue with sporadic purple overtones and rough orange filaments, and they were perched over a field of trichomes.

Doja - Sweet Retreat (5A)


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